Students traveled from 25 cities from across the United States and Europe to attend the TCDA-IBF Summer Intensive 2017

An inspiring month of dance at TCDA - International Ballet Festival 2017.


Students have travelled from 25 cities from across the United States and Europe to attend the TCDA - International Ballet Festival to work with knowledgeable, dedicated artists and educators, and to perform along side professional dancers.


This year, TCDA-IBF has given the opportunity to students to perform in two great venues on both the West and East Coast, and has awarded a total 8 Scholarships to top-notch programs:


- Staatliche Ballettschule Berlin, Germany 
- National Dance Conservatory of Madrid, Spain
- Tanz Akademie Zürich, Switzerland 
- TCDA-International Ballet Festival California, USA


The Faculty this year has welcomed the following Artists and Educators:


Jenna Johnson - Principal Dancer, Ballet Tucson, AZ, USA
Olivier Foures - International Ballet Master & Dr. of Musicology, Madrid, Spain
Daniel Precup - Ballet Master & Choreographer, Ballet Tucson, AZ, USA
Theodore Constant - TCDA-IBF Founder & Artistic Director, Sacramento, USA
Dacia Biletnikoff - Dancer & Choreographer, Chadash Dance Company, Broomfield, CO, USA
Erin Espinosa - Dancer & Choreographer, Dance Cooperative, Wilmington, NC, USA


We are looking forward to next year's TCDA-IBF Summer Intensive 's 5th Anniversary! Auditions & registration will start early spring. Stay tuned by visiting this site, and by liking us on Facebook.





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