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TCDA-IBF welcomes Felicia Serbanescu, President of the Cultural Association "ArtEst", Cluj, Romania

Felicia Serbanescu /

TCDA-IBF Felicia Serbanescu - with Theodore Constant

Prima Ballerina with the National Opera and Ballet Theatre, Constanta, Romania (1983-2009), Ms. Serbanescu has danced as Principal Dancer with other Companies as well, including the Saechsischer Staatstheater in Meinningen, Germany (1995-1996).

She has been Artistic Director and Choreographer with the Romanian National Opera Cluj-Napoca (2013-2015), and Assistant Professor at the Ovidius University (2009-2011).

Performing in a vast classical and contemporary repertoire in title roles throughout her career, Felicia has been a winner of International Ballet Competitions in Bulgaria-Varna (1983) - second round, Russia-Moscow (1985) -finalist and honorary diploma, Japan - Osaka (1987) - second mention, France - Paris (1990) - Finalist, Korea - Pyongyang (1994) - First Prize Spring Festival, USA - Jackson Mississippi (1994) - participated as a partner.

Ms. Serbanescu has danced as guest of honor at the Chisinau Opera and Ballet Theater (1995 and 1999) starring in the ballet "Don Quixote" - partner Andrei Litvinov, the Bucharest National Opera (1995 and 2001) in the title role of the ballet “Giselle”, Leipzig-German Opera and Ballet Theater in Swan Lake, Iasi National Opera (2001) principal in the ballet Swan Lake, Sibiu International Theater Festival (2000 and 2001), “Eurodans” International Dance Festival - Iasi, (2000), Shakespeare International Festival - Craiova (2003), Limoge-France Contemporary Dance Biennial 2003 with the Gigi Caciuleanu Company, Crosswinds Gala at the Roxy Theater in Owend Sound - Ontario, Canada (2006), partner Theodore Constant.

She has toured extensively throughout Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Russia, Slovakia, Austria, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Turkey, Israel, China, Taiwan, Korea, Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Greece, Japan. Montenegro, Canada, and USA.

After earning a degree from the University of Sciences and Arts, Bucharest (2006) in choreography, she participated as a guest Professor in classical and contemporary dance internships at Leniago - Italy, Compania Studio Danza 2007 and Lecce - Italy in 2008, and has been invited to the 37th edition of the Soracusa-Sicily Festival (2018) where she presented the "Ballet Gala" and the show "I, Carmen" with dancers from both of the Cluj Opera Houses.

Felicia staged many dance performances, and in 2021 founded the "Ballet Studio Felicia Serbanescu" where she is general manager, organizing workshops and training courses for students and dancers.

She is the President of the Cultural Association "ArtEst", an association for which she choreographed and where she manages dance series with live music “Summer Harmony" every year since 2015, in the central park of Cluj-Napoca.

Additional awards and prizes include the "Sustainable Activity in Culture" awarded by the 2005 Community Equinox, the diploma of "Excellence, Professionalism and Elegance, for promoting value in Romanian society", offered by the I.C. Bratianu in 2007, and the "Cultural Merit in the rank of Knight of Romania" by the Ministry of Culture in 2010.

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