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TCDA Scholarship recipient Savannah

Our daughter Savannah had the opportunity to train at the 2015 TCDA Ballet Festival. During the four weeks of intensives, she worked with ballet masters from Europe, the East Coast, and with two professional dancers who trained under Theodore Constant; one is a principal ballerina and the other is a contemporary artist.

Savannah anticipated each and every day spent at the TCDA Festival. She was fully engaged and was pushed to her highest potential. She longed to continue training at this level indefinitely. As her parents, we realized the enormous luck we had in the opportunity for our daughter to train under such expertise.

As a family, we also were fortunate to host a ballerina from Austria who traveled to train with TCDA. It was eye opening to witness through our exchange student how valued Theodore Contant's training is in Europe. Again, we knew our daughter was blessed to be a TCDA student!

At the end of each day, both my daughter and our exchange student would talk in gratitude of the training they had received that day and were excited for the following day even in their exhaustion.

Our daughter and exchange student were both awarded scholarships. Our daughter had the honor of attending the Staatlische Ballettschule in Berlin, Germany for two weeks in the fall of 2015 under her scholarship. This was an incredible experience for a thirteen year old, and Savannah cherished every minute.

Needless to say, the next TCDA Ballet Festival can't come soon enough for our daughter!

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