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TCDA-IBF alumni Ariana awarded a scholarship with Premiere Division Ballet, New York, NY

“I had the amazing opportunity to partake in the 2015 TCDA-IBF Summer Intensive. The four weeks of the Festival gave me the opportunity to work and train with ballet masters from Europe, the East Coast, and with two professional dancers who trained under Theodore Constant.

The level of expertise and demand during this summer program was not like any I have had before.

The instructors were very clear in communicating what they wanted from the dancers, keeping in mind the individuality of each person. They were also all very approachable when posed with dance questions and inquires.

I loved each and every class I got to take from these masters, improving in my technique as well as artistic capability.

At the end of the four weeks, I was awarded a two week scholarship to go and train with Premiere Division Ballet in New York City.

As one of the oldest dancers of the group, I thought this was near impossible, seeing that more and more of the younger generation of dancers are more susceptible to these kinds of training opportunities.

This awarded scholarship went to show me how much Mr. Constant- as well as the other ballet masters- believes in his/their students.

I will be attending Premiere Division Ballet on this scholarship in 2016.

Mr. Constant brings only the best Masters to the TCDA-IBF Summer Intensive - including himself!

The program is exceptionally unique in style and training, and is definitely not a program to pass up.”


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