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Congratulations for a notable 6th edition of the TCDA-IBF!

Students and faculty joined TCDA-IBF 2019 from Austria, Portugal, France, Romania, Switzerland, and the United States of America, including the Paris Opera Ballet School, Vienna State Opera Ballet Academy, National Dance Conservatory Lisbon, Zurich Dance Academy, and many more, from over 20 cities across the United States and Europe.

Thank you to our 2019 esteemed Faculty, which brought their vast experience and expertise in each genre:

Mr. Oliver Matz, General Director - Zurich Dance Academy, Zurich, Switzerland

Ms. Luz Morante, Artistic Director - JorDance Studios, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Ms. Leslie Stevens, Dancer, Singer, Actress, Writer - Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, IL / Los Angeles, CA

Mr. Jacob Montoya, Artistic Director - Sacramento Contemporary Dance, CA, USA

Ms. Heather Sorter, Artistic Director - Redwood Youth Ballet, CA, USA

Ms. Dacia Biletnikoff, Dance Artist, Choreographer - Chadesh Dance Company, CA, USA

Mr. Nicholas Topete, Dance Artist - State Street Ballet, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Mr. Adalberto Garcia, Certified Yoga Instructor, CA, USA


Mr. Theodore Constant, Founder and Director - TCDA International Ballet Festival, Sacramento, CA, USA

A special thank you to the professional dancers who performed in the gala:

Courtney Hanaway and Nick Topete from State Street Ballet Santa Barbara, CA


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