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The 10th anniversary edition of TCDA-IBF will be offered in Sacramento, CA and Arles, France in 2023

We are thrilled to announce the 10th anniversary edition of the TCDA - International Ballet Festival, which will be held in the United States and Europe!

Sacramento, California, USA (June 19 - 30)

Arles, FRANCE (July 11 - 21)

This will be a special 10 year CELEBRATION edition! Stay tuned for guest artists, performances, scholarships, and professional contract opportunities!


View of the city of Sacramento, CA, USA.

Two air-conditioned, state of the art studios in a building equipped for all the needs of the dancer.

"Your work with these kids was super impressive. And that’s a rarity. Usually something of that length is not captivating for the duration. …But I could have kept watching. All of them I was watching and was so proud as if they were my own …and I don’t even know them."

"Votre travail avec ces enfants était super impressionnant. Et c'est une rareté. Habituellement, quelque chose de cette longueur n'est pas captivant pour la durée. …Mais j'aurais pu continuer à regarder. Je les regardais tous et j'étais si fière comme s'ils étaient les miens… et je ne les connais même pas." ~ C. Hansen, USA


View of the city of Arles, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, FRANCE

Two air-conditioned, artistic studios in a building equipped for all the needs of the dance

"Thank you for allowing us to discover what TCDA is! A wonderful experience and great encounters. Only positive things! It will be a pleasure to see you again!"

Merci à vous de nous avoir permis de découvrir ce qu'est le TCDA! Une magnifique expérience et de belles rencontres. Que du positif! Au plaisir de vous revoir! ~ A. Vergnion, Belgium

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