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TCDA-IBF welcomes Ms. Marie Riquet, Artistic Director, Jeune Ballet Arlesien, Arles, France

Ms. Riquet will be holding two AUDITION classes for the "Jeune Ballet Arlesien" during the TCDA-IBF Summer Intensive in Arles, France:

Saturday, July 15, 2023 from 11:00am - 1:00pm

Thursday, July 20, 2023 from 11:00am - 1:00pm




1996: Nice Opera Ballet, directed by Mr. Jean Albert Cartier and Miss Hélène Traillin

1997: Karlsruhe Ballet, under the direction of Germinal Casado

1998: soloist at the Ballet du Capitole de Toulouse, under the direction of Nanette Glushak

1999 to 2005: Düsseldorf Opera Ballet, directed by Youri Vamos

2005: Lyon Opera Ballet, directed by Yourgos Loukos

2007: Gran Canaria Ballet, directed by Anatole Yanovski

2009 to 2013: Nice Opera Ballet, under the direction of Eric Vu-An

Holder of the State Diploma of Classical Dance Teacher (D.E.) since 2009 (C.N.D. Paris), Marie is invited to give lessons in various infrastructures in France.

Pre-professional classical ballet teacher:

▪ INTERNATIONAL BALLET PROGRAM: Robert Tewsley, Thomas Gallus

▪ École Lyon dance academy in collaboration with Mr Éric Camillo (Dance Professor at the Paris Opera) and Miss Isabelle Ciaravola (Etoile dancer at the Paris Opera)

▪ Brigitte Lipari School in Arles

▪ Regional Center for Choreographic Art

▪ Serge Alzetta School Etc.

Ms. Riquet was also a classical dance teacher at the “Lyon Danse Académie” school, at the Béziers Conservatory and at the “Serge Alzetta” professional high school.

Since 2018, Marie has been a classical dance teacher at the Center Régional d'Art Chorégraphique de Grasse.

In 2008, she became Mistress of Ballet within the company "Ballet de Lyon". She is Thomas Gallus' assistant during the “Exclusive Ballet Program” which he organizes every summer.

From the 2023 - 2024 season, Mrs. Riquet will assume the position of Artistic Director of the "Jeune Ballet Arlesien".


Suite en blanc / Chorégraphe : Serge Lifar

Coppélia, Don Quichotte / Chorégraphe : Eric Vu-An

Allegro Brillanté, Raymonda / Chorégraphe : George Balanchine

Conservatoire / Chorégraphe : Bournonville

Les Sylphides / Chorégraphe : Fokine

Por vos muero, Gnawa / Chorégraphe : Nacho Duato

Pas de Dieux / Chorégraphe : Gene Kelly remonté par C. Bessy

Océana / Chorégraphe : Lucinda Childs

Campanella / Chorégraphe : Giorgio Mancini

Marco Polo / Chorégraphe : Luciano Cannito

Empty Place / Chorégraphe : Renato Zannella

Returning Point / Chorégraphe : Annabelle Ochoa

Le Jeune Homme, Berloiz, Symphonie Classique / Chorégraphe : Uwe Sholtz

Limb’s Théorem / Chorégraphe : William Forsyth

Casse-Noisette / Chorégraphe : Dominique Boivin

Fluke / Chorégraphe : Mats Ek

Tricodex / Chorégraphe : Philippe Découflé

Petrouchka / Chorégraphe : Éric Walter

Sylvia / Chorégraphe: John Neumeier

Spinning Coin / Chorégraphe : Pentelis Zikas

Phèdre / Chorégraphe : Jürgen Ulrich

Roméo et Juliette / Chorégraphe : John Cranco

Giselle / Chorégraphe : Nanette Glushak

Jardin aux Lilas / Chorégraphe : R. Tanner

Coppélia / Chorégraphe : E. Martinez

Symphonie Classique / Chorégraphe : Kennet Von Heidecke Casse-Noisette, La Belle au bois dormant, Le songe d’une nuit d’été, Carmina Burana, Shannon Rose, Roméo et Juliette, Cinderella, Le lac des cygnes, Erda ,Le sacre du printemps etc. / Chorégraphe : Yuri Vamos

Sevillana,Tarentelle, Farinelli,Salomé, Europa etc. / Chorégraphe : Germinal Casado


This program takes place over the school year (from September to the end of July).


• To achieve a pre-professional technical and artistic level in order to find a commitment in a national / international company or a theater

• Preparation for the EAT (technical aptitude exam), the first essential step in obtaining the DE (State diploma) in the teaching of classical, contemporary or jazz dance

• Familiarize students with working conditions within a professional company through trips and stages abroad or through external contributors during the year

Student education is done via the CNED. We also benefit from the support of volunteer teachers to monitor the school career and provide support if necessary.

This project was born in 2017 following numerous requests from students wishing to follow a more in-depth course in dance and the support and encouragement of many colleagues.

For more information, contact by email or phone: